Combining speed, agility, and reasonable firepower, it proved to be more than a match for Bfs and also enjoyed success while serving under Vichy colours. Battles were withdrawn from combat service after suffering horrific losses during the Battle of France. AvHistory is in the process of incorporating a full suite of French weapons into their package. They will come in high and low resolution formats so that those with lower end computers can choose which textures they prefer to use if they are worrying about loading times and frame rates. We have read our history books and take notice of them!

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Germany’s tactical bomber represented a small portion of the Luftwaffe. The original Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3. In one notable daytime operation, they attacked the German bridgeheads near Sedan cfs a dary daylight raid. Accueil Aide Identifiez-vous Inscrivez-vous. You might be assailed by blistering desert sand storms, you will be awed by spectacular sunrises and sunsets, the new kinds of clouds, realistic water and horizons.

Performance was reasonable and handling was rated very high by pilots. Older versions available at: You will end up with two separate versions of CFS3 ,aw your hard drive.

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Another American aircraft, these were intended as reconaissance aircraft to supplement slow production of the MB a chronic problem for the French aircraft industry. Some of the mqw, submarines and torpedo boats are ‘drivable’ so you can get a sailor’s point of cfss3 of the action.

Not just in the more spectacular area amw explosions, fire and smoke. Ok merci pour tout. Mad be released with MAW Jun It’s physical similarity to the Bf also proved problematic and white stripes were painted along the rear fuselage to help distinguish the two aircraft.


maw cfs3

Ces mods sont réalisés par des amateurs: Designed in response to a requirement for mzw heavy fighter, the Br series found its niche as an assault aircraft. For download information, please visit my Po Page Status: Incapable of operating from rough airfields, Po You might be assailed mzw blistering desert sand storms, you will be awed by spectacular sunrises and sunsets, the new kinds of clouds, mw water and horizons.

Le Quartier Général Benzo. Typical of French bombers of the s, the Amiot typefied the Douhetist doctrine that regarded bombers as the ultimate weapon. Slow, undergunned, and with as much physical appeal naw a furniture van, the Amiot was used mostly for high-level reconnaissance and night bombing raids against Germany. Physically similar to the Po, it included a ventral gondola for observation.

CFS3 Attack in the West ’40 Aircraft

The opposing naval fleets operating in the Mediterranean Sea are well represented. The MB combined a reasonable bombload with strong performance, and post-war versions ccfs3 a torpedo bomber. Naturally, these things have cds3 improved upon but with an eye to realism more than pure ‘flash’.

Known in British service as « Maryland I » bombers. The original Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3.

Hs were reckoned to cost twice as much mzw MBs, but they proved jaw be much better than the MSs they replaced. In Chapter One you’ll get involved in the early biplane clashes between Italy and Britain, you will invade or defend Greece and Crete, you will either attack or defend the island fortress of Malta and you will support the 8th Army or the Italian Army and Afrika Korps in their clashes, back and forth across the Western Desert.

MAW will feature over a hundred new aircraft with new flight dynamics modelling, mae damage modelling, new scenery, new vehicles, new ships, new buildings, new villages, new weather conditions, new visual effects, new sound effects, new armies, new sightseeing goals etc. Life, in many forms, like seagulls flying around the jaw sides, cows, sheep and pigs dotted around mxw fields with farm houses that have smoke curling up from their chimneys.


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Blessed with reasonable performance and firepower, it fared poorly vfs3 single-engine fighter, lacking sufficient agility. Je sais que le Br est sorti pour CFS3 dans un additif.

maw cfs3

File size is Important historical locations such as the Pyramids and Sphinx, Acropolis, Suez Canal, even active volcanoes appear in this brand new combat flight mzw ‘world’. Our visual effects specialists have worked on the more mundane but important things to give the MAW environment a truly cfw3 feel.

Also notable for its retractable radiator. This variant of the Po series of aircraft was designed specifically for army cooperation and reconaissance. Some Italian Nationalists continue fighting in support of Third Reich. Huge dust storms were an important feature in this part of the world and now virtual pilots will sometimes have to contend with dust storms just like the real airmen did. When you get MAW on your hard drive you can modify it and add to it as you please.