My filter had no label, which led to confusion as to the direction of flow. I watched the installation video and thought it seems a bit of work, I will start this evening and finish tomorrow. Hi Tried everything from various magnets to ultrasound on the water pipes. They just sit under the sink working away giving pure fresh water on demand without that chlorine taste. I purchased item mainly based on product reviews.

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My advice is go for it at the price, easy to fit, make sure you identify all the parts look the instruction list. Très bon produit pour l’instant très satisfait nous verrons dans le temps montage facile quand on a le matériel adéquat. A acheter les yeux fermés pour ceux qui hésitent encore. It was delivered upside down, which damaged day.bspp top lid but not enough to go through hassle of returning – so I dropped one star to four. I quickly learnt that one has to be careful its very slippery, just not use to it.

Next day I fitted the hoses, set up the unit’s ‘programmer’ using the manual. Similar units could cost very much more.

It is a replacement for a 20yo unit so installation was very simple. I really cant say enough good thing about them and having been sent a replacement part that was so simple to fit my water is softer than it has ever been and pook less than half the salt my old one did. Strong hoses with non corrosive metal brading which should last a liftime. Instillation is quite straight forward too and it comes with full instructions.


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Had trouble with my AS water softener, contacted Steve and he arranged new part straight away at no cost to me, it came in a couple of days now fitted and works plol. We’ve got ours installed in a laundry closet, next to the washing machine. The shower cubicles, shower screens, bath and sinks are all staying cleaner longer, which means that we don’t have to use as many cleaning products.

Minor problem with filters completely solved by contacting seller who was more than helpful and resolved this issue. I bought and installed the system using the supplied manual and also referring to the youtube videos, which were both very straightforward and intuitive to follow.

fy pool day.bsp

Unfortunately the flow direction arrow is on the filter sticker was was supplied separately and I had to stick it on!? L’adaptateur day.bsl était une poo, anglaise, 1 mail au SAV et 1 semaine plus tard j’avais un colis dans ma boite et un mail d’excuses avec le bon adapteur en version européenne.

Je conseil ce produit. Very happy with the product. All my components are at the back of a corner kitchen cupboard with room to spare.

The packaging was damaged on arrival but the goods were intact. I bought this a year ago, it has worked perfectly and uses very little salt.

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Firstly, the communications was excellent. The best thing was a follow-up telephone call several weeks after installation, a thorough talk through on the settings and how to get the best from the machine.

I am replacing an existing system for which the filters have become both popl and difficult to procure. Tous les paramétrages sont accessibles et modifiables pour les plus initiés. Solidly made, flexible and strong at the same time.


The hardest part was the actual plumbing, though, having had plumbing experience, this wasn’t too bad.

fy pool day.bsp

This is where the water main comes into the house, so it was easy to plumb the water softener in. A acheter les yeux fermés pour ceux qui hésitent poo. They just sit under the sink working away giving pure fresh water on demand without that chlorine taste. This has been in a year now and it works well.

fy pool day.bsp

Unfortunately at the time of writing my original review I was changing 2 radiators unfortunately one kept on leaking! The filter is white when you put them in.

A quality tap system much better gy my old one. I would rate it 4 out of 5 and would recommend it to friends. I would rate the product 2. Only downside is that the water softener did not come with the hoses so I had to buy separately.

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As for the product itself it was easy to install and after 3 weeks is working very well. I had a bath last night and noticed immediately. Small crack to lid on delivery but we can live with it.